One-stop and all taken care of.

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]veryone’s so used to the idea that getting together a complete solution to a marketing problem must require three or four different specialists, and very often it’s true.

Now if you’re sitting inside the marketing department of large company, with a roster of creative agencies at your beck and call, and with a team of marketing managers on hand to help you look after them all, maybe you can take that approach.

It’s good to have someone to call.

But if you don’t have that luxury, but still need to get a complete solution sorted for a new site, or the creation of some videos, or a set of new brochures, say, the best thing you can do is find a single, reliable creative consultant who you can work with one to one to take care of the whole thing for you.

It’s not only owners of smaller firms that this works for either.

[quote float=”right”]Laurence has done the job of a whole agency for me on several occasions. More than an agency actually! An agency, and a web Dev company, and an exhibition company and a video production company. One call, an hour in Starbucks, and it just happens![/quote]

I’ve worked with lots of Marketing Directors in big companies who liked to have this resource up their sleeve as well.

When the pressure is on, or when more conventional routes have drawn a blank, having a safe pair of hands to call on just seemed to work for them.

Having been a creative director in four big advertising agencies, as well as having worked in this direct problem solving way with dozens of  business owner clients in my copywriting business, I’m completely used to getting  stuck in on situations like this and working one on one to make the whole thing happen.

How it works

How it actually pans out will depend on who you are and what you need taking care of, of course, but generally I’ll come and meet with you so you can take me through your problem face to face. Then I’ll go off and do some research and thinking and come back to you with my thoughts on your options.

We’ll then decide together on what you’d like to do, and I’ll then go off and develop creative work that can then do the job. once you’re happy with the creative work, I’ll then go off and look after pulling together the execution for you, working either with your existing production partners or partners that I’ll source and organise for you.

Naturally, we can liaise throughout so that you have full visibility of how the job’s progressing , but the result is that you can count on getting your problem sorted for you, from start to finish , quickly and effectively.


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