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  • Time on Social Media, Creative Copywriting... And A Great Argument Tip. Are Social Media efforts worth your time? Creative copywriting... or just copywriting? And how to test an argument as you write. Hi, Reader, How much time do you feel you put into social media? Not the time you spend on Insta, TikTok, Facebook or other platforms that you use for fun. I'm thinking about the time you spend on 'work' social media: creating your own content, and reading, watching or commenting on other people's content? I'm curious. I can tell from my LinkedIn feed that some...MORE
  • Watching the 'Fancy' Writing. And Organising Your Day to Write in Peace. Feeling better. Watching the 'fancy' writing. And organising your day to write in peace. Hi again, Reader. My, oh my, oh my! 9 straight days of being poorly before I got my act together to go see my doctor and get some antibiotics! Am I better? Getting there. Did my copywriting workload wait patiently until I felt up to it? Nah! Of course not. Life isn't like that. We fight on, because we're copywriters... and there's always something about the project we're working on, or the opportunity we...MORE
  • Needing Time Out. Risk. And More Insight On Quoting. Needing time out. Risk. And more useful insight on quoting. Hi, Reader. How are you getting on? I'd love to hear that your confidence in what do and your ability to make a difference for the clients you work with (or company your work for) is increasing with each week that goes by. Don't forget to share how you're doing with me! Now, I was a little poorly this week. Nothing awful, I'm pleased to say, but it kept me away from my desk for maybe 70% of the week. And yet... no deadlines were...MORE
  • How You Make Good Things Happen, Valuable SEO Advice... And Freelance Stress! Going the extra mile. Some great SEO copy advice. And tackling freelance life stress. Reader! Hope you're ready to start a new copywriting week... with all the commitment and enthusiasm it takes to make things happen and to do your best work. It's easy to forget just how much your own drive and energy contribute to your success, but I'm a huge believer in making things happen... for yourself! This week... πŸ‘Ÿ πŸš€ 🎁 Go that extra mile.. and you will land new clients and projects. "Where do clients...MORE
  • Helping Clients Who Help People. And Choosing A Book That Will Really Help You. How to help clients in the business of helping people? Hey Reader, How was your week? I like to just stop sometimes and think about whether I did anything - or anything happened - last week that made me a better copywriter. Some weeks there's something easy to pinpoint... but other weeks it's less obvious. Even in those weeks, though, it doesn't mean you've not improved somewhere. If you worked on your marketing, or your job applications, or you actually had a challenging project to work...MORE
  • Niches, 'Reverse Editing'... and Why We Do What We Do. Niches, reverse editing... and some thoughts on why we do what we do. Hi Reader, So first off... it's good to be back with you. I hope you had some kind of break yourself over the last couple of weeks, and that your passion for writing copy and working with interesting clients is as strong as ever now we're all back 'in the zone'? So let's get stuck straight in , shall we? This week... 'Niching down' your offer. Should you? Really? I talk with lots of copywriters and in particular lots of...MORE
  • Sometimes, Copywriting Just Has to Wait. Sometimes, copywriting just has to wait. Hi Reader, I hope your week went well last week, and that you had a great weekend? Now... this is a long holiday weekend here in the UK... right through till Tuesday morning. Plus... Sunday was my wife's birthday and plans for this have had me kind of busy. So... I'm going to shortchange you, I'm afraid and do nothing more today than wish you a really great week ahead... and I'll see you back here next Monday for more Copywriting Stuff! OK! I owe you,...MORE
  • Press Ads, Word Count and How to Explain to a Client Why Your Quote is Fair Why press ads still matter, and why "How many words?" matters, too. Hi Reader, How's it going this week? We've made it to Springtime in London, and I hope wherever you are you're feeling that kind of energy about your writing. Remember I asked last week about whether you can work with music playing? Check out this reply from Trevor. "I've written to classical, baroque music and binaural beats - which has helped me focus.", Trevor mailed to say. "I used to subscribe to Brain FM, which is a...MORE
  • Music, Landing Pages, Press Releases... and How To Quit and Turn Freelance. Can you work with music while you're trying to write? Hey Reader. Tell me something. Can you write with music playing? I'm kind of intrigued by this, because the way my own head works, trying to write copy with music on would be absurd. Even instrumental music would cloud the clear 'head space' in which I feel as though I 'hear' my copy taking shape. As to songs... with lyrics... I just cannot imagine being able to do that. And yet I know some people can, and do. So where are you on this?...MORE
  • You, Case Studies & White Papers, and How to Back Write a Script for a VO. So how's the year actually going, now, Reader? Hi Reader. So we're well into March now, and I'm wondering how you're getting on? I think most of us found 2023 challenging, but I felt like something changed over the Christmas/holiday/New Year period. I felt as if people came back from a few days out thinking, "We can't let 2024 be as tough as 2023." Does that stack up with what you've found yourself? I really hope so. Let's keep pushing forward. Keep learning and developing as copywriters....MORE
  • Positive v Negative. And Revising Like A Boss. Attacking copy. Revising like a boss. And a glimpse of some work from my own samples. Hi Reader. Are you in good shape? How much of your week do you spend actually writing copy? I think I spend 75% of my week writing... but my suspicion is that it's nothing like that much. Maybe 60%? Maybe 50%? The thing is, it's actually irrelevant, because as copywriters we can't stop our heads from working in the background. It's impossible. So never beat yourself up about the time you spend on admin... or...MORE
  • Wow! Right and Wrong Jobs For AI. Plus Brand Temples and Key Messaging. Good and bad jobs for GPT. And writing brand propositions. Hey, Reader! It's good to be with you for a new week πŸ™‚ When I was a young - or even just a 'younger' - copywriter, people would ask you to do a job and there'd be two weeks, maybe three weeks until you needed to present. Today? Not so much. Today clients want to know when their copy will be ready before they've even sent across the brief. And this, my friend, is bad. Few things are right, or as good as they can be, the moment a...MORE
  • Staying Strong. Avoiding Gurus. And Why Humour Is So Hard. Think about all those people who need your help! Hey Reader, How are you getting on this week? We're half way into February and I'm wondering whether your year is going well for you, or maybe you're finding it tough and thinking the whole copywriting things is just too much trouble? If you are thinking that... please hang in there. Keep thinking about what you want, and about the skills you have, and about how you can get these in front of one or two of the tens of thousands of business...MORE
  • A Small Win. Avoiding 'Cheap'. And Charging For Small Tasks. A small win. Avoiding selling 'Cheap'. And how to charge tiny tasks. Hi Reader, Sometimes, I talk about pushing for small copywriting wins. Looking for little signs that you're making copywriting progress. That you're getting somewhere. A lady named Anjelika called me this week. She wanted one new page writing for her site. Not that exciting a job, you might think. Except, she reminded me that I'd written her full site back in 2016. 8 years ago. She'd come back because, she said, "all the...MORE
  • Thinking, Bid Sites and Working With Chat GPT The thinking part. And why you should think hard about it. Hi Reader, How's the week been? What have you been working on? Feel free to mail and tell me. I am always interested in what you're up to. So... I want to try a thought out on you. Another way of looking at what we do, you and me. I think that most of what I do for my clients, most of the value I give to them, is not really to do with writing at all... even if they think that it is.I think most of what I do for them is to do with...MORE
  • Social Media. Email Lists. And a Vital Pro Tip. Not losing your head to social media. AI. And the most important thing to remember. Great to find you again, Reader! I learned so much this week! And when I learn a lot, it makes me want to remind everyone else, copywriter or not, that that's what we're all here for!There's a principle in screenwriting that says that wherever the characters in a scene are up to in the story at the start of the scene, they should have advanced further down the storyline by the end, otherwise... what was the...MORE
  • Are We Always Selling? And Should We Do More Than Just Writing? Selling. Knowing where to stop. And watching out for a favourite old trap. Hi Reader, It's good to be back with you. I hope your copywriting week went well? Did you manage to move yourself on with a win, like I asked you to try? If you did... well done! Now just keep going! And if you did not... don't lose heart. Some weeks it just doesn't happen, no matter how much work you put in. This week... πŸ“ πŸ›’ πŸ€”Is all copy meant to sell? Even copy that seems more like it's 'content'? I love this...MORE
  • Finding Clients. Knowing When You're Ready. And Some Hemingway More on finding clients. How to know when you're ready. And a bit of Hemingway Reader! Great to be back with you, once more! We're both a week older... but we're also a week more experienced as copywriters, so that's a win, right there! I had an interesting week. How about you? Mine was busy. I firmed up three new projects, but they had one thing in common: none of them was a 'cold' lead. One is the first job from a complany who first contacted me in October. Another is a retainered monthly...MORE
  • Meeting Clients For The First Time. And Getting Proper Briefs How do we handle first client meetings? And then some stuff about written briefs! Hi Reader, How's it going? Have you put the festivities and celebrations behind you? Are you back - fully focused again on your mission to be the very best copywriter you can? Great stuff. It doesn't matter whether you're employed as a copywriter, have a job in which you do some copywriting, are a busy and more experienced freelance copywriter, or would love to be busy but are starting out and fighting to find...MORE
  • Sorry! Happy New Year to Copywriters Everywhere! 2024. Let's make this your 'Year of The Copywriter'. Hi Reader, Sorry! I sent this out a little earlier with the wrong Subject line! That's what happens when you're not careful in checking over your work before releasing it! Anyway, here it is again.. with a more appropriate, New Year Subject line!>>>>Now I get that not so many people are sitting opening newsletters on New Year's Day, but I'm figuring you'll get to it when it suits you, and so I'd like to wish you a happy, healthy and really...MORE
  • Happy Christmas. And not too much else this week! Happy Christmas. And not too much else this week! Hi Reader,How have you been getting on? I'm back at my desk after enjoying a week or so away, and excited to send you the final 'Copywriting Stuff' of 2023. (You received newsletters from me over the last two weeks, of course, but that's because I wrote them and scheduled them to send while I was on holiday.) πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽβ„οΈWhat Christmas should remind us about audiences. So today is Christmas Day. Here in the UK, you can't be unaware of this, whether...MORE
  • Rivers, Short Emails and What Does 'Brochure' Mean? The thing about rivers, short emails and what do people mean by 'brochure'? Hi Reader,The thing about rivers is that water can join them anywhere. Anywhere. It can join them close to the sea. It can join them hundreds, thousands of miles inland. Doesn't matter. Eventually, it will make its way to the sea.Take a look at what I've done here. You're expecting copywriting. I've given you a river. I'll explain in a moment. But first of all... I hope you've had a great Copywriting week? I'm always...MORE
  • Advertising Thinking, Scribbling Headlines and Writing Videos Advertising thinking, ideas on paper and writing scripts like a pro. Hi Reader,I'm thinking I'll change things up a bit this week and talk about conceptual copywriting. As an idea, this makes me sort of smile, because when I was a young copywriter (as you know... I've been a copywriter for over 40 years) just about all copywriting was conceptual copywriting! At that time, there was no internet, and 'content' as an idea did not yet exist. So most people who were copywriters were employed in...MORE
  • Empathy, Power Verbs and Fake Copywriting Gurus Empathy, power verbs and copy gurus who aren't really copywriters. Hi Reader,How did your Copywriting Life pan out this week? I hope you had interesting things to work on. Whether you did or not, I'm certain there were opportunities in the week for you to learn more about writing, or about the way consumers think, or maybe about the way to get the most out of the opportunities you do have. Now.. let's look at some stuff. This week: 🌟About me? About you? About empathy. I have a client in South...MORE

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