I do a lot of work for my clients that does not directly involve writing copy, or that involves writing copy only later on, after some other work has been done first.

These clients tend to be either entrepreneurs, or owners of SME businesses, or Marketing Directors in larger companies.

Comms strategy

Marketing strategy

I can help you at the planning stage to take the various audiences you need to reach, and messages you need to get across to them, and block out a marketing activity plan that covers off how we’re going to deliver these messages to these groups using whatever you’ve allocated as budget. We might find it useful to do this every 3 months or so, and then to intersperse this with monthly reviews of what specifically we’re doing in the current month. Talk to me early and regularly about what you need to achieve, and I’ll input into how we might best do that.


Creative concept development

Whatever we need to create or to do, regardless of medium, I will do the concept development, which you can then approve or reshape. This is the most important part of creating anything at all. Working out how to say or get across what we want to say for maximum impact and effect.


Creative execution

Regardless of the medium of whatever we are creating, there will be nothing we need that I cannot either do, or collaborate on (and manage where necessary) the doing of using your existing partners, or my regular partners.

In general terms, I tend to do all concept work, copywriting and broad executional direction myself, and then to pass things to designers/developers/programmers/directors/photographers/artworkers for them to do the executional parts. (On occasions I do certain design/artwork and web dev type tasks myself, but normally prefer to leave these to specialists.)

Just for clarity, everything above applies to whatever medium the communications are in, including but certainly not restricted to: